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Climate Change

Climate Change word cloud

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Sir Muir said the allegation that the CRU had "something to hide" and its research into changes in global temperature could not be trusted because the scientists were concealing or manipulating data "does not stand up".

The UEA Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Acton, said Professor Jones had undergone "a terrible ordeal" and felt he had been "wronged and publicly traduced".

Climate sceptics have made determined attempts to discredit the CRU construction of the records.

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Climate may also affect species diversity and composition through the invasion of non-native species that expand their geographical range as water temperatures warm ( Rahel and Olden 2008 ).

Overall, our synthesis indicates that lakes have a strong potential as sentinels of current climate change and, as such, can contribute to our understanding of global climate effects.

The use of lakes as sentinels not only allows us to detect global effects of climate change, but it can also further our understanding of ecosystem processes in lakes.

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There is much scope for mitigating climate change and reversing the damages through making agriculture and the food system as a whole sustainable, and this is corroborated by substantial scientific and empirical evidence (see below).

It is rather astonishing that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should fail to mention organic agriculture as a means of mitigating climate change in its latest 2007 report [4]; nor does it mention localising food systems and reducing long distance food transport [5].

On farms throughout the developed world, considerable fossil energy is invested in agricultural production.

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The effects of the warming threaten Glacier National Park’s resources, from glaciers and snow-capped mountains to wildlife and forests, as well as the Montana jobs and tourism revenue the park generates."

National Research Council Reports on Greenhhouse Gases The National Research Council issued three reports on May 19 calling for action to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and to begin adapting to climate change.

change, palm, indicator, climate, coast, condition, palm centre, warming, palm society magazine, meteorologist.

Climate change could soon make the increasingly common sight of garden palms, now encased for their protection in the coldest days of winter, an exotic feature of the neighbouring Northern landscape.

As if to confirm a fresh focus on Northern Europe, EUNOPS (, an informal association of biologists with a wide spectrum of research interests in palms, have scheduled their next meeting for April 25-26 at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, an outer suburb of London.

Stories of cold-hardy palms growing from Scandinavia ( down to the German Blackforest populate the message boards of The European Palm Society, a branch of that International Palm Society that gathers palm enthusiasts and scientists alike.

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Copenhagen focused on reducing CO2 emissions to mitigate or lessen climate change, which is important, but so far we have not been very successful.

Global CO2 emissions have grown every year since the first climate treaty was signed at the 1992 Earth Summit.

Leaders in business, government and civil society need to take this fact seriously and start developing contingency plans to adapt to a changing climate.

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Climate Justice Tribunal, Working Groups

We urge the peoples of the world to propose and promote a thorough reform of the United Nations, in order that all Member States comply with the decisions of the International Tribunal of Climate and Environmental Justice.

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Global warming has been detected in a number of systems.

It is expected that some regions will be particularly affected by climate change, including the Arctic , Africa , small islands , and Asian and African megadeltas .

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The climate system can take centuries or longer to fully respond to new external forcings.

Glaciers are considered among the most sensitive indicators of climate change, advancing when climate cools and retreating when climate warms.

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Climate Change Fight Like the Cold War

Brookings President Strobe Talbott shared his thoughts with Kai Ryssdal of "Marketplace" on how coordination among the world's largest polluters can work to control climate change, citing the Cold War as an interesting analogy to today's environmental battles.

Immediate updates on new Brookings material about climate change—including research, events, testimony and more.

change, climate, bill, impact, adaptation, issue, disruption, publication, wwf climate program, wwf.

We provide background information on the science of climate change and an overview of climate change impacts.

Climate change poses two monumental challenges.

WWF is working with progressive corporations to transform markets and business practices and establish standards of environmental excellence to limit emissions in key sectors.

climate change, solution, climate, action, video, topic, greenpeace, energy, worst climate offender, energy revolution.

By starting an energy revolution, protecting our forests and switching to natural refrigerants we can protect our natural world for future generations.

Koching up the climate: how billion dollar businessmen pay to undermine climate action

Save whales & sharks Marine reserves now!

new global climate change agreement, change, climate, adaptation, action, study, issue, climate finance landscape, climate change technology investment index, developing country advance.

New Report Shows Developing Countries Focusing on Climate Change.

Prevention better than cure for water utilities adapting to climate change.

change, science, programme, pledge, climate neutrality, climate voice, climate change focal point, action, global climate change mitigation goal.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009 was the culmination of months of negotiations complemented by community, industry and private sector-led events aimed at promoting urgent decision-making and action to combat climate change.

It resulted in the  Copenhagen Accord  under which several developing and developed countries outlined intentions and commitments on carbon emissions, pledged support for technology transfer and acknowledged the importance of forest systems in combating climate change.

The Climate Change Focal Points of 10 ASEAN countries are members of the Network which fosters exchange of information and experiences, generation of new knowledge, and provision of targeted training to build capacity for addressing climate change.

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Every $1 billion invested in energy efficiency and clean energy  in the United States could eventually generate energy savings of $450 million per year.

South Korea's stimulus package will see 95% of funds to go clean technology and environmental sectors (3% of South Korea's GDP).

Its proposed five-year green growth investment plan (as of July 2009) will spend $60 billion to cut carbon dependency as well as boosting economic growth by adding 1.8 million jobs by 2020.

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Overall, it is generally accepted that aspects of climate change, such as longer and more frequent droughts and increased incidence of fire will have negative effects on the carbon balance of wetlands (Gitay et al 2001).

The species has a devastating effect on indigenous bird populations, threatens local wildlife and affects agricultural productivity (through stripping fruit trees).

Anaerobic digesters are effective where feedstock is consistent and combines, for example, livestock waste (manure), abattoir waste (blood and intestinal) and organic municipal waste (food), also providing an energy resource from methane capture.