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Deepwater Horizon Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill - Out Of Sight,  Out Of Mind?

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Gulf oil spill (BP - Deepwater Horizon rig disaster)

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Biologists find 'dead zones' around BP oil spill in Gulf.

Louisiana coast protects itself from Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

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Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf

The totals are also adjusted for oil captured after a cap was successfully placed over the leak on June 3.

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Marine mammals like bottlenose dolphins and manatees; fish like snapper, blue marlin, and hammerhead sharks; shellfish like spiny lobster and stone crabs; and reptiles like the American alligator – thrive in the waters of the Florida Keys.

But environmentalists and fishermen alike were excited to see the Senate version of the Coastal Jobs Creation Act introduced last Thursday.

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As Senate races near, politicians from both sides, Democrats and Republicans, are determined to channel public outrage over the gulf into local issues and larger ideologies.

As questions about the potential dimensions of the disaster multiply from week to week, 's a primer on the oil spill.

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The high winds and seas will mix and “weather” the oil which can help accelerate the biodegradation process.

The high winds may distribute oil over a wider area, but it is difficult to model exactly where the oil may be transported.

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Waves and wind spawned by Hurricane Alex disrupted cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on Wednesday while a senior U.S. official said a relief well intended to plug BP Plc's gushing deep-sea well remained weeks from completion.

The oil spill disaster, in its 72nd day, is causing economic and environmental havoc along the Gulf Coast, hurting tourism, fishing and other industries, harming wildlife, and leaving the future of BP far from clear.

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BP's embattled chief executive, Tony Hayward, prepared to tell Congress on Thursday that he was “deeply sorry” for the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, seeking to demonstrate that he and the oil giant understood the enormity of the spill’s environmental, economic and human toll.

Mr. Svanberg said the BP board, which met in emergency session on Monday in advance of the White House meeting, had agreed not to pay further dividends to shareholders this year.

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A funnel-like containment device will be fitted above the cut riser to draw the escaping oil through tubing attached to a drilling ship.

BP officials expressed optimism on Sunday about the new operation, though one technician working on the project warned that there were concerns that hydrates could again stymie the containment effort.

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BP said Saturday that its latest attempt to stop the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico was unsuccessful, and the effort, known as a “top kill,” was being scrapped in favor of another maneuver to stem the flow spreading into the waters.

“I don’t think the amount of oil coming out has changed,” he [Mr. Suttles] said.

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BP engineers struggled Friday to plug a gushing oil well a mile under the sea, but as of late in the day they had made little headway in stemming the flow.

Anticipating that the top kill may not succeed, BP began preparations to try to place a second containment vessel over the leak.,0,5716578.story

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World waits to see if 'top kill' will stop oil flow in gulf.

But the ultimate fix may not come until August, when BP finishes drilling two relief wells to pump mud and cement into the bottom of the blown-out well.

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As BP prepared Tuesday for its most ambitious effort to stop the torrent of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, company officials emphasized that the procedure known as a top kill had never been tried so far underwater, that it might be delayed again and that it might not succeed at all.

BP officials said if the flow of oil can be stopped, concrete will be poured into the well and the old, leaky blowout preventer, the stack of pipes above the well that failed to control the blowout, might be replaced with a new one as an added safety measure.

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U.S. President Barack Obama said on Saturday that offshore oil drilling could only go forward if there were assurances that a disaster like the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill would not happen again.

"The purpose of this commission is to consider both the root causes of the disaster and offer options on what safety and environmental precautions we need to take to prevent a similar disaster from happening again," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.

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Friday's trip was the president's second to the coast since the Deepwater Horizon, a drilling rig leased by energy company BP, exploded April 20, killing 11 workers and unleashing an ecological emergency in the Gulf now recognized as the biggest spill in U.S. history.

Obama instructed Allen, the Coast Guard official overseeing the clean-up effort, to fast-track review and approval of a plan to build a 40-mile string of sand islands off Louisiana's coast that could block the oil from reaching land, said Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-La., who attended the meeting.

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The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would be the worst in the nation's history if new oil flow estimates released today by a federal research team are accurate.

BP has unleashed an unstoppable force of appalling proportions.

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BP’s investigation, the memorandum said, also indicated that there might have been problems with the blowout preventer — the stack of valves and rams on the seafloor designed to seal off the well in the event of an emergency — at least five hours before the explosion.

Congressional investigators and news accounts have suggested that the decision to begin removing drilling mud was a subject of intense discussion — and perhaps even disagreement — among engineers working on the rig that day.

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Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick in spots.

The plumes are depleting the oxygen dissolved in the gulf, worrying scientists, who fear that the oxygen level could eventually fall so low as to kill off much of the sea life near the plumes.

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... the underwater gusher off the Louisiana coast continues spilling oil into the Gulf at an estimated rate of 210,000 gallons a day....

As Brandon Keim wrote yesterday ["Gulf Coast May Be Permanently Changed By Oil Spill"] , unless the experimental underwater containment system BP is trying to install over the next few days works, "the Gulf Coast could be damaged beyond recovery."

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In some scenarios, the Gulf of Mexico loop current could even carry the oil around Florida and up the East Coast.

BP executives hoped the robots could pull external levers and get the blowout preventer to snap shut.

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Petroleum giant BP PLC, working with the U.S. Coast Guard and others, was racing Friday to deploy a piece of sophisticated, albeit untested, technology to contain the oil gushing from a well in the Gulf of Mexico, even as slicks of crude were washing ashore on islands off the coast of Louisiana.

About 4.5% of the Gulf's federal waters are now off-limits to recreational and commercial anglers.

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A giant steel container meant to capture oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico was lowered to within 200 feet of the seafloor on Friday afternoon, officials said.

In addition to immigration, we now have to deal with a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which creates new policy and political challenges not envisioned in our original discussions.

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BP Plc’s burgeoning oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may hurt property owners more than any storm as sludge threatens to wreak long-term damage on the region’s most valuable asset: its environment.

Any oil that comes ashore will hit an area where real estate values depend on access to white sandy beaches.

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Drilling also started Sunday night on a relief well that could cap the oil spill on the Gulf floor, the company said.

The oil spill, which continues unchecked for now, could ultimately rival the Exxon Valdez disaster from 1989.

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Marine birds and sea turtles are two other types of marine species that can be heavily impacted by oil spills.

Microbial degradation will also play a role in the degradation of the oil over a period of weeks or months, but again bacteria are limited in the extent to which they can degrade the oil.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projected that by the middle of the week, winds will resume pushing the slick toward the Louisiana coast.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said in an interview that his state might escape the oil spill without devastating consequences.

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Learn from Alaska’s lesson w/foreign oil co’s: don’t naively trust — VERIFY,” she tweeted last week.

Regulators also changed the rules so BP didn't have to file plans about how it would deal with an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The company said it carried out a second approved trial injection of dispersants directly into the oil flow at a point close to the main leak on the seabed, a mile below the water surface.

In total, more than 156,000 gallons of dispersant have been deployed; an additional 230,000 gallons are available.

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The latest effort to contain the oil spill that has poured millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico encountered a setback 5,000 feet underwater, officials said Saturday, meaning oil will continue gushing into the ocean for at least several more days, and possibly months.

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said Saturday that state and local officials were in discussions with BP and the Coast Guard to use dredged material to build up barrier islands off the coast of southern Louisiana to protect fragile wetlands.