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Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies

When we (Mark Durieux and Bob Stebbins) wrote Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies, it was with the intention of writing a "Social Entrepreneurship For Everyone" type of handbook.

Today's socially and environmentally responsible citizen, working toward positive social change in this complex and challenging world, should understand and support social entrepreneurs and their social enterprises. Hopefully, too, that same responsible citizen will consider becoming a social entrepreneur themselves, in some meaningful way and on any scale.

That caring person might start a new nonprofit or for-profit social or environmental enterprise that works locally or abroad or both. Or, like our good friend Ryan O'Farrell, they might compassionately and creatively problem solve to make the life of a little deaf Costa Rican girl (Stephania Ballestero) much more hopeful.

Ultimately, it will be largely through the constant practical innovation and public compassion which social entrepreneurship represents that we will solve our social and environmental problems and leave a growing legacy of positive change for future generations.

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Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies

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Suggested resources for Calgary and area social entrepreneurs

Here are some resource links for Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and surrounding area residents who might see themselves as potential or developing social entrepreneurs and who are interested in meeting others with similar interests while learning more about social entrepreneurship. Just for fun, the following TagCloud captures some of the more important keywords found in the summaries of these resources. In that sense, it suggests an interesting overview of the current fostering social entrepreneurship "scene" in Calgary.

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Watch this video on how the TEDx program of events — including ours and others across Alberta — works to bring the power of the TED/TEDx process to our local communities, helping to highlight local ideas and talent.

TED has established the annual TED Prize, where three exceptional individuals with a wish to change the world are given the opportunity to put their wishes into action; TEDx, which offers individuals or groups a way to host local, self-organized events around the world, and the TED Fellows program, helping world-changing innovators from around the globe to become part of the TED community and, with its help, amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities. by

education, business administration, business, business operation, program, social entrepreneurship, management, conference, entrepreneur, marketing.

Entrepreneurship and Community Conference

Come together at Canada’s premier small business and Entrepreneurship conference.

This year’s conference will explore entrepreneurs and the community and share the latest in research, educational methods and community practices pertaining to venture sustainability and social entrepreneurship. by

institution, capacity building, capacity, leadership, society, un, individual, training, ability, development.

Capacity building is giving someone a fishing pole and teaching him or her to fish, rather than endlessly supplying that person with handouts of food.

Capacity building is providing the means for sustainable growth and development.

The UN defines capacity as the “ability of individuals, institutions and societies to perform functions, solve problems, and set and achieve objectives in a sustainable manner.” by

end user, foundation, participant, organization, comprehensive funding application, project, improvement, life, opportunity, organization.

The fig tree is an ancient symbol for abundance

The Fig Tree Foundation is a Calgary-based group dedicated to helping disadvantaged populations around the world by fostering collaboration between and raising funds for registered international development organizations.

By working in partnership with our Roundtable participants, in the most fiscally prudent fashion possible, we strive to create opportunities through the thoughtful investment in development projects which provide long-term improvements in the quality of life for the end user. by

fund, development, grant, management, svp calgary, investees, svp, management training opportunity, grant recipient, partnership.

Social Venture Partners Calgary is committed to educating individuals to be well-informed, effective and engaged philanthropists and to investing time, expertise and money in local non-profits to strengthen their organizations.

Building upon the programmatic expertise of the Investee, SVP helps the organization strengthen its management practices, strategies and systems.

There are generally three to five Investees working with SVP Calgary in any given year, and funding relationships with most organizations last between three and five years. by

well-being, service, leadership, program, leader, management, foundation, idea, organization, research.

The Foundation's program design, participatory research, and collaborative innovation activities are structured to help individuals acquire the types of transformative leadership capacity that will contribute to lasting societal well-being in their surrounding environments, communities and organizations.

... our core initiative to synthesize, evaluate, and disseminate leading-edge knowledge on societal leadership concepts, actions, and resources that improve societal well-being.

... to support societal leaders, we provide specialized research and program design/innovation services to counterpart charities and non-profit organizations, including the areas of governance, leadership, technology, and management/accountability. by

karma cent tm business model, business, charity, philanthropy, venture philanthropy partner, foundation, charity listing, value, global force, donor bill.

Since its inception, Dexterity Consulting has linked people's passions with the organizations that best serve their values.

We approach philanthropy the same way you approach your wealth management.

The  Karma & Cents TM  business model helps you see and experience the REAL measurable social impact of your community investment dollars by understanding their social values and then matching these values with the most effective charities and other businesses that align with those values. by

robb, nonprofit organization, people, process, tool, delivergood, robb price, small business, donating cash, doorway.

To build efficiencies into the charitable giving process by connecting charities and non-profits who need stuff with people who have stuff.

Robb set out on a mission to find a tool that would solve this problem and quickly realized that such a tool didn't exist.

As a result of his findings, Robb began the planning and development of DeliverGood in early 2009. by

business, calgary, development, calgary area, advertising, partnership, art auction, organization, people, world.

A unique Calgary and area events listing featuring any and everything that has to do with promoting global social development.

Working in partnership with local organizations and businesses, Just Causes hopes to introduce the public to the amazing people involved in various social development projects and around the world.

Visitors to Just Causes will have access to a comprehensive events calendar and current events blog linking them to a host of activities they can feel great about supporting. by

calgary, chapter, yep, sustainability, environmental, event, yep canada, yep membership benefit, event page.

YEP Calgary was successfully launched in October 2001 and is now a thriving network of sustainability practitioners, students and engaged citizens.

With more than 200 members and a distribution database of over 450 individuals, the Calgary chapter offers a chance to learn about environmental topics and things happening in the community, as well as meet some great people.

YEP Calgary also sends out email updates to members with details about events around Calgary, career and volunteer postings, conferences and workshops, etc. by

meetup, group, innovator, social innovation, innovation exchange, st. james corner restaurant, week, social problem, wednesday, facebook account.

Innovation Exchange will gather people interested in helping solve social problems to socialize, connect, network, share, learn, collaborate, and build community.

We hope you'll join us in growing Calgary's community of social innovators!

You can join groups on Meetup using your Facebook account. by

economy, capital, business, company, project, social enterprise, ed kang, business model, world, ed kang. that introduces the concept of "Creative Capital for Changing the World."

The concept of creative capital involves understanding that financial capital isn't the only resource available to us to attain success.

My Perfect Economy is a social enterprise that contributes a portion of revenues towards local and global humanitarian projects. by

leader, entrepreneur, community, widget, event, sustainability, activity, environment, info, initiative.

Make it Good is an initiative that aims to bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders and community leaders to collaborate and engage on activities that enhance the sustainability of our local and global communities.

We invite you to check us out and  join our network , take part in one of our  events,  become a  partner  or a  volunteer  or simply enjoy some of the  resources  that we have collected.

Check out our upcoming events planned for 2010 ! by

business, social entrepreneur, growop, business model, business operation, support, client, amy laflech, entrepreneurial adventure, client roster.

To support entrepreneurs, the GrowOp focuses on two primary areas:

1) Personal Growth: nurturing and developing the beliefs that are necessary to become and succeed as an entrepreneur.

2) Business Operations: the design of the business model, and the strategy of how the four key elements of business fit together.

Our client roster ranges from people just starting their entrepreneurial adventure to billionaires. by

business, business professional, social enterprise, social entrepreneur, difference, investor, money, investment opportunity, effect, friend.

Social enterprises often look, feel, and operate like traditional businesses but there's a crucial difference.

Their mission transcends the financial to include social, humanitarian or environmental goals.

The group provides a platform to learn from fascinating guest speakers, to share your own experience, and to network for new business and investment opportunities that align with your values.

Social Entrepreneurship For Everyone - an idea whose time has come!

We're delighted that our Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies book is being recognized as the "for everyone" handbook we'd hoped it could be.

Manuel Rosaldo, Founding Project Manager of Dowser.orgPreview by, has written us with the following endorsement:

"I greatly enjoyed Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies. Chapter by chapter, it addresses the most important challenges facing aspiring social entrepreneurs. I don't know of any other how-to guide for aspiring social entrepreneurs remotely like it -- what a brilliant idea!"

And here's what Meredith, a reviewer on, had to say about Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies:

"I am only a few pages into the book but I love it already! I am very excited to see how I can apply it in my life and work. The accessibility of this book's writing style brings a VERY valuable concept and opportunity to audiences who may not traditionally be exposed to the concepts contained in its pages. Well done! I am looking forward to continuing my read and journey into social entrepreneurship!"

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