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Street Youth

Street Youth word cloud

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Overall, more than 60% of the youth reported having lived on the streets full-time at one point.

Overall, in 1999, 22.7% of youth reported leaving home because of emotional abuse; 17.3% and 5.1% reported leaving because of physical abuse and sexual abuse, respectively.

Overall, the proportion of street youth reporting they had had STIs was 20.8% in 1999, 22.7% in 2001 and 26.6% in 2003.

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Larkin Street Youth Services Check out this very important Policy Brief put out by California Coalition for Youth and the John Burton Foundation.

Larkin Street Youth Services StreetSmart, benefitting Larkin Street, was featured on View from the Bay.

youth, youth crime, youth response, street, youth society, youth runaway act, street safety, journal, child, family.

While there is considerable diversity in the age ranges considered by researchers, providers and policy makers to define street youth, 16 - 24 years of age is accepted by many as reflects both the age limits of many services and the age range of the social networks of many youths.

During the Depression large numbers of youths became transient, often with the consent of their parents due to the dire economic circumstances of the early 1930s.

A substantial proportion of homeless youths end up on the streets upon discharge or running from child protection services and exiting the criminal justice system.

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Instead of accessing services specifically to work with mental health issues, street-involved youth often rely on the front line workers, with whom they build trusting relationships, to go to for help with mental health issues.

Education should be a priority in meeting the needs of street-involved youth.

Hamilton has limited specific services for diverse street-involved youth (for example, open-access programs that focus on Aboriginal culture).

health, service, use, outcome, research, public health agency, variable, factor, risk, j youth adolescence.

All drug use variables refer to behaviours occurring in the past six months and include both injection and non-injection routes of consumption.

Socio-legal reforms that deemphasise enforcement-based policies and incorporate health or harm reduction frameworks may be effective at reducing HIV and STI incidence in the future.

It is also possible that socially desirable reporting resulted in an underestimate of stigmatised behaviours....

project, people, board, youth, project native, program, community, rsyp, business, south berkshire county.

Railroad Street Youth Project empowers young people by supporting the creation of youth-generated activities that promote self-worth, responsibility and intergenerational respect and communication.

Railroad Street Youth Project serves young people ages 14-25 in South Berkshire County, Massachusetts, with a range of services and programs.

It is a place where youth meet, develop ideas, attend meetings, make artwork, find a staff person to talk to, receive help with crisis situations, or just hang out.

street youth, people, actor, khoa, cabaramatta, 'The Finished People', life, street kid, story, cabaramatta inn.

Street Youth Come to Reel Life

'The Finished People' was shot on digital video in the streets of Cabaramatta - and stars real street youth. ''

Khoa Do also had to draw up the film schedule in such a way so that one of his actors, a former heroin addict, could attend a methadone clinic in the morning.

For the film's official opening night in October, Khoa Do could not find one of the main actors because he is homeless and pawns his handphone when he runs out of money.

street youth job action, job, service, youth, syja, social enterprise initiative, odd job request, community partner, service like street beautification, syja staff.

Street Youth Job Action (SYJA) is a social enterprise initiative of Directions Youth Services Centre that provides mentoring and development opportunities for homeless youth in Vancouver.

Our community partners hire SYJA youth to perform services like street beautification (street garbage removal, graffiti removal) and needle sweeps.

Each morning, youth come to SYJA to find out what jobs are available for the day, and after they have completed their job, they are paid that same day for services delivered.

street kid, worker, program, street child, organization, street educator, community, country, impact, tool.

Through our worldwide network of frontline non-profit organizations, we train youth workers to deliver our award winning programs using interactive trainings, innovative tools, and animated videos.

By partnering with established organizations who share our philosophy, we ensure low administrative costs and deliver high impact, culturally appropriate and contextually relevant programs in the countries where we work.

Master Trainers help expand the reach and impact of our work by training other youth workers to deliver our programs to street kids in their own communities.

street child, child advocate, child birth, child feel, child molesting, child sex-worker, child abuse, child family, child sexual exploitation

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children In the U. S., Canada and Mexico. Richard J. Estes and Neil Alan Weiner

We refer to this group of child sexual exploiters as “opportunistic exploiters” (i.e., persons who are willing to exploit children sexually “if the price is right” and the risks of doing so are perceived to be within acceptable limits of not getting caught and of not contracting sexual diseases).

We already have documented this type of exploitation for children living in their own homes, but we also can confirm that children on the street also are sexually victimized by same age peers.

... the odds of engaging in survival sex were increased for youths who had been victimized, those who had participated in criminal behaviors, those who had attempted suicide, those who had had STD, and those who had been pregnant.

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In its 1997 position paper on eliminating homelessness, the American Public Health Association (APHA) noted that "as many as 7.4 percent of Americans (13.5 million people) may have experienced homelessness at some time in their lives."

The health effects of homelessness include higher rates of infectious diseases, mental health problems, physical disorders, disability, and premature death.

The Toronto study, for example, found that one-third of the street people interviewed had feelings of worthlessness, that more than one in four (and almost two-thirds of the women) had contemplated suicide in the past year, and that one in twelve (and almost one in three of the women) had attempted suicide in that same period.

youth, criminal justice, perspective, street politic, violence, social control, youth force, queen nation, street, youth experience.

Globalizing the Streets: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Youth, Social Control, and Empowerment - Edited by Michael Flynn and David C. Brotherton

Street Youth in New York City and São Paulo: Deconstructing the Striking Differences, Global Similarities, and Local Specificities, by Benedito Rodrigues dos Santos

'Cause Fightin' Is Just Fightin': Caucasian Youth, Violence, and Social Exclusion in a Globalized Age, by Michael Flynn

youth, idea, estimated youth age, adult youth worker, bus, idea link, idea location, community, program, service.

Provide mobile drop-in centres to street youth in three communities.

With the use of modified shuttle buses and staffed by a team of adult youth workers, peer mentors and volunteers, the buses will travel after-hours to areas of the community where youth naturally congregate – parks, convenience stores, skate board parks, schools, "Hot Spots" etc., and actively seeks out and engages street involved youth.

The two buses will meet youth where they are and provide support and services to street involed youth in the Tri-Cities area (Coquitlam, Port Couitlam, and Port Moody), an estimated 20,000 youth ages 12-18.

mental health, general resource medical health youth service substance, robert livingston, drug abuse, san francisco homeless resource, youth, treatment, drop-in, service, alcohol.

LSYS offers an integrated program to address both mental health and substance abuse issues.

For youth who also need treatment for substance abuse, LSYS offers assessments and intervention activities designed to encourage engagement in longer term alcohol or drug abuse treatment.

... the Drop-In Center contains a fully accredited school where kids can continue their education, and offers recreational activities where they can connect with peers and adults.

people, doorway, society, street kid, goal, person, street, child, human being, choice.

Community people offer the cultural perspectives of mainstream society to young people seeking to fit.

Listening carefully is fundamental if THE DOORWAY is to succeed in perceiving problems correctly, and devising effective responses.

What I can say is that in an age where people seek instant, meaningless gratification, THE DOORWAY acts as both path and guide for us street kids who are lost, leading us slowly but steadily and surely towards success that we can hold as our own.

orleans, estiloz, day, new orleans frown, city, group, kid, people, story, street.

Youtube - Gutterpunks: New Orleans Homeless Street Youth - PRE Katrina

Reporter Tim Estiloz visited New Orleans in this 1997 story about a group of homeless youth - dubbed by some in the city as "Gutterpunks".

Estiloz spent several days with this group of disaffected and indigent young people - many of whom willingly chose to live on the hard - sometimes dangerous, streets of "Pre-Katrina" New Orleans.