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"The first reaction was WOW...what an incredible volume of great information.. Congratulations on a great job."

"Easy to get into with a wealth of excellent information."

"This is great! I had a look at dementia of course and could not believe the wealth of information...
Congratulations! This will be extremely useful to many."

"Comprehensive public information with quick access."

WOW!! What a great site!
:-) Great work!! :-) You deserve all the testimonials you get!

I really do believe you are onto something!!!!

Thanks for the osteoarthritis piece....
Fybromyalgia has particular interest to me because I have a couple of staff dealing with it - and another of my staff just had a stroke.
Makes a statement about how ALL of us are touched by many issues
- and the easy access to information has to be a gift to enhance perspectives easily....


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